Information an guidelines

Dear Members!

On Monday, June 15, we can finally open all our training centers again.
Although the infection in our regions is very low, it is extremely important that we all continue to reduce the risk of infection as best we can.

We at Feel24 take this very seriously, so that our staff and you as a member can train as normally as possible, under a safe environment.

In order to be able to solve this in the best possible way, we have chosen to reduce opening hours for the first time in order to have better control and presence. When we see that this works well and the infection stays stable in society, we will move more and more into normal operation throughout the summer.

You can attend training as usual. And we have good capacity at our centers with a view to limiting people. It is important that you read and familiarize yourself with the measures described below.

Opening hours:  All days from 05.00 – 23.00

*We are constantly updating opening hours and other information here, and on our Facebook pages.


Measurements from Feel24 at the centers:

– Increased staffing to assist and follow-up that the trainers follow the guidelines set.

– Increased cleaning of the training facilities and equipment, both from our external cleaning holders and our employees.

– Expanded focus and access to disinfectants, soap and paper at the centers.

– Updated routines and cleaning teams adapted to Covid-19.

– Put a maximum number of 2 people who can stay together as well as train together at our centers.

We also turned off some cardio stations to limit the distance during higher intensity workouts. And we have taken away knitwear and other smaller accessories, which can be challenging to keep clean with frequent use.


Important guidelines for you as a member::

* It is mandatory at all times to follow our guidelines when staying at our centers.

– Follow the general guidelines of the FHI.

– Avoid visiting our centers if you have symptoms of infection, or have been in contact with others who have or suspect to be infected.

– Disinfect and wash hands immediately when you arrive at one of our centers. The same goes before you leave.

– Keep one at a time, 1 meter distance from the others who are in our premises.

– Avoid gathering groups at the entrance, at closets, in wardrobes and
generally out in the gym.

– We also recommend that you show up as well as possible for training, and avoid using wardrobes and cabinets if possible.

– Be sure to clean appliances and other equipment after use.

– Help make each other aware of the guidelines and give each other attention if any of the guidelines are violated.

– Perform effective sessions, to avoid queuing and collection at the centers.

– You must always swipe your card when you enter training so that we can register visitors and keep track of the number and possibly track the infection should a situation arise.

Furthermore, we welcome you back to training, under safe and good training environment!

Best regards,

Team Feel24


Expired: Previous info regarding your ongoing membership with us in April and May, under COVID-19

Updated Info for Feel24 – And your ongoing membership with us

Dear Feel24 members!

Recently, the authorities announced expansion of measures with shut-down gyms across the country to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus. A socially important measure that we feel is necessary in the Feel24 chain, and supports below!

Now we have received feedback from the authorities that we can open all our center already June 15! Should there be any restrictions or things to do about opening, we will update info here, as well as on our facebook page. See you at Feel24!

We have been investing heavily in recent years and together with you have created a local Northern Norwegian fitness center chain we are very proud of! Together we provide a safe and comfortable training environment for everyone in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark.

From Mosjøen in the South, to Alta in the North, we have established local training facilities in both the major cities as well as smaller towns. We have deliberately chosen local partners and suppliers, contributed as a sponsor for local sports and labor, while also creating over 50 jobs across our 15 departments.

In a tough industry, we have managed to compete with major national players, and are constantly evolving to deliver a high quality local training offering, at the lowest possible price and flexibility for you as a member.

With such a strong commitment and great growth that we have been working on over the past year, we are now in a difficult and uncomfortable situation. With mandatory shutdowns from the Norwegian authorities, and fixed monthly costs at the centers, it is a challenging time we are both today and in the future.

We are currently making a huge effort to keep the centers alive throughout this tough period so that you as a member and our staff will have the same good local training offer to come back to when this crisis is over. In this context, we depend on the trust and support of as many of our loyal and loyal members as possible!

Based on the opportunity of each one, we have set up the following solution / opportunity for you as a member:

Let your membership run as normal in April – and possibly in May, if the government is shut down beyond April.

  • This amounts to a smaller sum per member this month, but represents an extreme amount for the community and the maintenance of the centers’ continued existence.
  • If you choose this solution you do not need to take any active action with your membership as this runs as normal. (The authorities have now authorized the reopening of all of our center from Monday, June 15. So that membership runs as normal from June onwards.)


  1. Freeze / pause your membership for the period the centers are closed. Then you send an email to your center asking that we freeze your membership in April – and possibly May if the authorities extend this period beyond April. We will reopen all our centers from Monday, June 15, so that membership runs normally back from June.


PS: Due to great efforts and many layoffs, we are only available by mail during this period.
If needed, find contact info for your local center at:

Dersom du som medlem har muligheten til å støtte opp og opprettholde ditt lokale treningstilbud i denne krisesituasjonen, setter vi ekstremt stor pris på dette og takker så mye for din støtte!

If you as a member have the opportunity to support and maintain your local training in this crisis situation, we appreciate this extremely and thank you so much for your support!

In return, we will use this period to overhaul, maintain, clean and upgrade the centers so that you get exactly the training you deserve to come back to!

Finally, we would like to thank all of our members for joining us in creating a solid Northern Norwegian quality product in training and health in recent years. Without you, this would not have been possible. We are very much looking forward to opening as normal again and see you back at training with us!



Feel24 – Your local fitness center