PT – Tromsdalen

Lars Aag


Lars is a personal trainer at Feel24 Tomasjord, and has been active in strength training for 6 years. He has tried most of the strategies and programs, and knows a lot about what works, how it works – and what doesn’t.

He has a great passion for helping his clients achieve their goals and will use his experience to make your journey filled with effective, challenging and facilitated training. Lars has a strong focus on quality, rather than quantity. He works closely with his clients and appreciates being a contributor in a process that can be both emotional and demanding.

Before starting the collaboration, we will work out together what is best for you, your body, your calendar and your goals.

Can’t wait to get you as a customer!

Area of expertise:

  • Exercise for increased strength and muscle growth
  • Basel lift
  • Weight reduction
  • Fitness


  • Personal trainer, Academy of Personal Training (AFPT)
  • Sales, Marketing and Coaching, Academy of Personal Training (AFPT)
  • Training experience through 6 years

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André Larsen


André is the center manager and personal trainer at Feel24 Tromsdalen. He is a personal trainer you can trust to be honest with you, help you with your training goals and constantly hold yourself and himself accountable for your training.

André likes to exercise, both at the fitness center and outdoors, and believes that the training should be kept varied and motivating so that you get exercise pleasure. He believes it is important that exercise helps to function optimally in all situations in life and to maintain good health throughout the life.

In addition to training at FEEL24, André also practices martial arts such as kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

If you need help with burning fat, building muscle, getting better endurance, technique training or motivation, André is the right PT for you!

We only get one body – take care of yours!


Area of expertise:

  • Exercise for muscle building
  • Fat burning
  • Training for maximum strength
  • Endurance training
  • Exercise with body weight
  • Alternative training


  • Certified Personal Trainer (EHFA Level 4, Active Education)
  • Certified Fitness Instructor (EHFA Level 3, Active Education)
  • Driver with kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu at leisure
  • Over 6 years of training experience

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