Workout classes

Hour description

Below you will find descriptions of our group lessons. All our instructors have good experience and are skilled, and they do everything they can to give you a good training experience.

Strength 45

45 minutes of strength in the hall with high intensity. We focus on 6 large muscle groups, which is why it is a good hour to get your whole body trained.


Simple steps and combinations on a step box to inspirational music. The lesson challenges both fitness and coordination. The hour is suitable for everyone.


Zumba is a very loose training and dance form. Simple and fun movements are used, and the basic idea is to have fun and laugh a lot while giving everything. Unlike many other fitness dance parties, Zumba is not structured as a long choreography, but in small pieces so you don't have to remember as much at a time. That's why everyone can join us at this hour.


60 minutes of strength in the hall for music. We work our way through all the muscle groups and get through the entire body in one hour! The instructor guides you on the correct technique, so that the hour is suitable for both beginners and those who are experienced in strength training. This hour comes with a stool guarantee!

Circut training

Good old-fashioned station training in the hall. Focus on strength and endurance, and during the hour we have trained through the vast majority of muscle groups. Fun and effective training for catchy music - you will be sweating it off! The hour is suitable for everyone.


High-intensity hours when working in tabatah intervals. The intervals are 20 sec work, followed by 10 sec break. Each interval is repeated 8 times. The lesson contains no difficult steps and combinations and is a pure strength and high pulse hour.


HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, and is an hour where we work 4 × 4 minutes with a 1.5 minute break between each session. We give full throttle for 4 minutes and get up your pulse with 8 different simple exercises. We start with light heating and finish with stretching at the end.


An hour for those who really want to get the pulse. The lesson consists of simple basic steps and light choreographies. You choose how high the intensity should be by regulating how much energy you put into the movements. It's an easy and effective hour for those who want to improve fitness.


Tighten up is an hour with a good mix of aerobics and strength exercises for catchy music. The hour lasts for 60 minutes and is suitable for everyone.

Stretch 30

A good half hour focusing on stretching. At this hour, we are working to improve mobility and increase flexibility. The lesson is great to combine with other training and is suitable for everyone.


Soma move is a holistic form of training that is athletic and strong, yet soft. You work with the body as the only tool and the hour goes barefoot on yoga mat. During the hour you go through an uninterrupted series of movement patterns, which challenge both mobility, stability, balance and strength. Flow and power are strong keywords of the hour, and the focus is to work with the whole body as a unit. Join us in a different and raw form of exercise! The hour is suitable for everyone.

Saturday session

Start the weekend with a good session! The week's Saturday hours vary from week to week - check our website / facebook to see what hour is run this week.



Spinning time with two pulse peaks where we use both slopes, erasers and sprints to get the pulse beat. Fits everyone. Available in 30 and 45 minute hours.


Good cardio training where we run six to eight heart rate peaks with 3-5 minutes of work on each peak. Here we really feel that the heart rate is rising and where we can work up to 85-90% of maximum heart rate. Short breaks between each heart rate. Available in 45 and 60 minute hours.


60 minutes of spinning time with lower intensity music. The intention is to be between 70-80% of maximum heart rate. The hour provides good exercise to increase fitness and burn fat. The hour is suitable for everyone.


Grey hours is seniorworkout

Orange hours is spinning

Purple hours is hall classes