Information and guidelines

UPDATED 27 /4 - 21

  • In Tromsø you have to book time for your traning session. See the separate info button for Tromsø on the left side. 
  • We recommend using face masks where 1 meter distance is not possible.
  • You will have access to all the Feel24 centers with your membership card.

Feel24 is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We ask our members to spread the training time over our entire opening hours, and limit visits during the core time between 16:00 - 21:00 on weekdays. We have good capacity at our centers with regard to the number of people. However, we inform that you may risk coming to a full center, and will then be stopped at the door.

It is important that you read and familiarize yourself with the measures described below.

Opening hours: Open 24 hours *

* Tromsø Fagereng: opening hours 05 - 00

We continuously update opening hours and other information here, and on our Facebook pages.


Measurements from Feel24 at the centers:

- Increased staffing to assist and follow-up that members follow the guidelines.

- Increased cleaning of the training facilities and equipment, both from our external cleaning holders and our employees.

- Expanded focus and access to disinfectants, soap and paper at the centers.

- Updated routines adapted to Covid-19.

- Put a maximum number of 2 people who can stay together as well as train together at our centers.

We also turned off some cardio stations to limit the distance during higher intensity workouts. And we have taken away elastic bands and other smaller accessories, which can be challenging to keep clean.


Important guidelines for you as a member::

* It is mandatory at all times to follow our guidelines when staying at our centers.

- Follow the general guidelines of the FHI.

- Avoid visiting our centers if you have symptoms of infection, or have been in contact with others who have or suspect to be infected.

- Disinfect and wash hands immediately when you arrive at one of our centers. The same goes before you leave.

- Keep 1 meter distance from the others who are in our premises.

- Avoid gathering groups at the entrance, at closets, in wardrobes and
generally out in the gym.

- We also recommend that you show up in traning clothes ready for traning, and avoid using wardrobes and cabinets if possible.

- Be sure to clean appliances and other equipment after use.

- Help make each other aware of the guidelines and give each other attention if any of the guidelines are violated.

- Perform effective sessions, to avoid queuing and collections at the centers.

- You must always swipe your card when you enter training so that we can register visitors and keep track of the number and possibly track the infection should a situation arise.

Furthermore, we welcome you to training, under safe and good training environment!

Best regards,

Team Feel24