Terms and conditions


  1. Feel24’s main product is a membership without a locked annual subscription.
  2. Unless informed otherwise, the membership is valid from the day you register as a member. Together with registration you pay the training fee for the first period and the one-time registration fee. First payment is from the day you register and one whole month, regardless of what date you register.
  3. Thereafter the monthly fee will be withdrawn automatically from autopay «Avtalegiro» on the 20th each month. The registration fee is 199 kr, and monthly membership fee is 379, 399 or 499 NOK based on what membership you buy. This is specified at registration and in the confirmation e-mail.
  4. If «avtalegiro» is not signed during registration, or before the next monthly fee is invoiced (on the 06th each month) an extra fee of 65kr is added for a paper invoice sent by post.
  5. The age limit is 16 years old (the year which you become 16). If we discover you are under aged the membership will be closed with immediate effect, and already paid membership and fees will not be refunded. Members between 14 and 16 are followed to train together with a parent, and when both have an active membership. For the safety of you, your child and others at the center – it is not permitted to bring children to training. *
    Everyone who will train or stay at our centers must have a valid membership.
    * The exception is when the child is in a car seat, or similar, and is under continuous supervision of a parent during training. All risks are the guardian’s responsibility, and we recommend adapting to training during the daytime (05.00 – 16.00) when there are fewest people training.
  6. Drop-in hours can be purchased on the website for a sum of NOK 199, and provide access to the center for 24 consecutive hours with a code received by SMS. Drop-in hours do not require a registration fee, direct debit, or written termination (will end automatically after 24 hours). There is no right of withdrawal when purchasing Drop-in hours.


  1. As a member at Feel24 you get access to the gym trought our Feel24 app. This is downloaded from the Appstore or Google Play after registration and gives access immediately. If you do not want to use the app, you can get a membership card from us.
  2. You must always have a phone with the app, or your personal access card for training. This is what gives you access to the center, and which legitimizes you. The temporary code works for 14 days after registration. By that time, you must have arranged access via the app or obtained a membership card at the center.
  3. As a member of Feel24, you can train at all existing and new Feel24 centers in Norway. The app or membership card works in all departments.
  4. The membership at Feel24 is personal and should not be left / lent to others. If two pass on the same access, the video camera at the entrance is activated and the security center is notified. In addition, regular membership checks will be carried out at the center. Persons who have trained without membership, and members who have borrowed or admitted «non-members» will be fined NOK 1,900.
  5. Trial hours must be clarified with the staff before the trial, either at the center during staffing time, by e-mail or on the Facebook page prior to the class.
  6. If you choose to use a membership card rather than an app: if you lose your personal access card, you must get a new card as soon as possible during the staffing period and have this activated. The old card is automatically blocked when a new card is activated. A new membership card costs 99, – and can be picked up at the center during staffing time when the door is open. 99, – is then added to the next monthly invoice.


  1. As a member of Feel24, you manage your own membership through our app or on «My page» on the website www.feel24.no. This means that you must log in to “my site” yourself or go into the app if you want to change personal information, mobile number, email address, etc. All inquiries regarding your membership must be directed to your primary center.
  2. We may send out important information through the registered phone number and e-mail address so it is important that this is always updated. It is your responsibility to ensure that personal information is up to date, and Feel24 disclaims all responsibility for wrong information you may have registered.
  3. Resignation must be sent by written e-mail to your main gym. The e-mail is found under «Our Gyms» on our web page www.feel24.no. This is for the safety of both parties that there is a proof of resignation.
  4. When resignation is sent to Feel24 you have 1 month resignation period after the current invoice period. This means that your last invoice will be the 20th the month after you resign.
  5. You can freeze your membership for 2 months a year. The freeze period will be in whole months and will be invoiced with just 49kr instead of the agreed training fee as normal. The freeze period can not be combined with resignation month.
  6. The member has the right to exercise the right of withdrawal, cf. the Right of Withdrawal Act §26. This applies to the conclusion of membership entered outside a Feel24 center. If the member starts training within 14 days after entering into a contract (expiry of the withdrawal period), the member will be obliged to pay for the value of the service he / she has received until notification of the use of the right of withdrawal has been delivered.


  1. To be a member at Feel24 you are obligated to create atuopay from your bank account («Avtalegiro»). «Avtalegiro» is created during registration. If this is not done you can sign autopay through our web page www.feel24.noand under «avtalegiro». Here you will find help and information.
  2. As a member at Feel24 you accept that the autopay charge you for the monthly fee one time every month. It is the member’s responsibility that «avtalegiro» is created. This is an agreement between the member and the member’s bank. It is the member’s responsibility that the AvtaleGiro authorization is in order at all times, and any cancellation of this does not affect the member’s payment obligations. Payment of installments shall be made at the agreed time. If a direct debit has not been established upon registration, an invoice fee will be added for non-direct debits of NOK 65 per month, for dispatch and follow-up of invoicing by post.
  3. Direct Debit/ “avtalegiro” on membership for persons under 18 years of age shall be associated with membership of a parent profile that was created during registration. This means that direct debits shall not be established with a telephone number for the member under the age of 18, but with a telephone number linked to the parent’s profile. If you have already assumed active membership, a direct debit does not need to be re-established, but will be withdrawn automatically. Check that the deduction limit on direct debit is not less than the training fee x 2.
  4. Feel24 will send out a payment reminder via SMS one week after the invoice is due, if not paid. If the invoice is not paid after this, the invoice will be sent to «Remind» which will send an invoice with late fee and after that there will be a debt collection warning.



  1. As a member at Feel24 you are obligated to know the safety plan in case of emergencies at the gym. This is a drawing of the center with emergency exits, emergency numbers, fire extinguisher and first aid kits. The centers also have alarm buttons for security and defibrillators/AED that are clearly visible near medical boxes.
  2. Feel24 are only partial staffed gyms and therefore we have surveillance cameras for the safety of members, which can help you in case of emergencies and accidents. As a member you give your consent to the use of surveillance cameras.
  3. The use of Feel24 gyms is at your own risk, and you are responsible for any personal belongings that you bring to the training facilities. Personal items should be locked up in lockers while training, and the lockers must be emptied after each training session. You must bring your shoes home with you. Feel24 disclaim all responsibilities for personal belongings that may be left behind.
  4. As a member of Feel24 you commit to follow satisfaction policies at all times. Violation of these policies will incur a warning, and can cause resignation of membership if unacceptable behaviour occurs over time. Immediate resignation may result if there is a severe violation.
  5. One important factor for all members to feel welcome at the gym is to clean up equipments after use and put back into place. If you leave the center with a significant lack of cleaning after yourself, you accept that Feel24 invoices you 400, – in cleaning fee.
  6. As a member may be held responsible for damage you cause to equipment, fixtures and fittings and facilities. In cases of damage, it will be assessed whether this was caused by careless use. In that case, Feel24 will be able to invoice the member for partial / complete costs for repairs and / or new furniture / equipment. This can, for example, apply to crushing of mirrors.
  7. The use of chalk or liquid chalk at our centers is not permitted, but you can bring your own lifting straps.
  8. In accordance with the hygiene of everyone at the center, as well as Feel24’s profile, all our members must dress decently when staying at our centers. This involves tops that cover the chest, abdomen and back.
  9. Feel24 can without warning end membership if there is severe violation of terms and conditions, or satisfaction policies. Registration fee and already paid member fee will not be refunded.



  1. As a member at Feel24 you confirm your are not using any stimuli or doping as listed in «Antidoping Norway’s» list, and you confirm to give a test if asked to. If a test is positive testing the membership will cease with immediate effect, and the case will be reported to the police.
  2. Feel24 wishes for a clean and healthy environment, and will not tolerate the use of doping among our members. All members must dissociate from all usage of doping and other narcotic substances. Usage of doping is considered a severe violation of the membership agreement, and gives Feel24 the right to cancel the membership immediately. As a member you commit to not use doping as specifically appear on the doping list for fitness centers and gyms. The updated list you can be found on www.rentsenter.no. If Feel24 register signs or symptoms of usage of doping, we will call in for a conversation. Members may be shut out from our gyms if suspicion of using doping. During this conversation you will be asked to sign an agreement to participate in a doping test if asked to if there is still suspicion of usage of doping at a later point. If the agreement is not signed Feel24 have the right to end the membership with immediate effect.
  3. Alcohol and/or other use of narcotic substances is strongly forbidden in our training facilities. This to ensure safety and wellbeing for all members. If you are caught using our training facilities in an affected state, the membership will end with immediate effect and the police will be noticed.



  1. As a member at Feel24 you give your consent to Feel24 to be able to gather, store and process personal data. This to be able to manage your membership, and optimize our training offer. In this regard we gather and process your personal data, and store time and date of registration of your personal membership card.
  2. As a member you give your consent to Feel24 to use electronical communication regarding customer communications, such as news letters and marketing of new services and offers.
  3. We store personal data as long as you are a member at Feel24, and a period for 1 year after membership ends. This does not include data regarding visitations at the specific gym, which will be stored for a year and then anonymised. As a member you have the right to access your personal data, and get them erased or changed. You can at any point withdraw this consent then it is voluntary to give away personal data, unless the data will be stored cause of the law (example data regarding managing of the customer relationship).
  4. Extradition of personal data will not be given away without your consent. Extradition of data will be given in the case of defaults of payment or accounting issues.



  1. Feel24 may, without notice, index regulate the prices equivalent with development in CPI, but not above 5 % change per year. Other price changes presuppose 30 days warning via e-mail or SMS.
  2. Feel24 gyms and training facilities will at any point maintain a high quality, so you as a member can exercise under the best conditions. To ensure necessary maintenance Feel24 reserve the right to close the gyms for a total 5 days a year.
  3. Feel24 holds the right to change the terms and conditions. If the changes is of a certain degree of importance for the member, or unfavourable for the member, Feel24 will inform members before changes take effect.